Monday, 27 December 2010

The cynicism of Tesco

As I was working outside this morning, Brian called me to tell me about something he'd heard on the radio. Tesco in Coventry have easter eggs on the shelf and are selling them today. Words almost fail me. I find this deeply depressing, and it makes me angry. It is the 27th Decemeber - not even halfway through the 12 days of Christmas. How can we allow ourselves to be manipulated in this cynical way? Talk about naked consumersism. Have they any shame? Obviously not. Can we do anything about this blurring of the seasons, this taking away of the natural way of things? It seems we cannot - or do we care enough? Do we really take this lying down, or do we do something that challenges this blatant abuse of the power the big supermarkets definietely have?

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