Saturday, 18 December 2010

We're not all the same, you know

Most of us have a tendency to stereotype, (and generalise, possibly). Here are some stereotypes of countryside dwellers: all Tories, lots of red-faced, 4-wheel drivers, all supporters of the Countryside Alliance. The women bake bread in the Aga, people speak in booming voices, and above all they all hunt. Well, I do bake,for what it's worth. My husband is a dairy-farmer. We live in a village - more of which later - but I am not a Tory, and we couldn't give a tuppeny damn about hunting. It is irrelevant to our lives. On the one occasion we were persuaded against our better judgement to let them on, they created havoc amongst our neighbour's sheep. What matters to us is: the price of milk, the overwhelming burden of red tape, and my husband would add (as would many farmers), the weather...

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