Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The TB Problem

I watched BBC Countryfile on Sunday night. Like many other viewers, I suspect, I held my breath while the the vet read the TB results on the excellent Adam Henson's cattle. The horrible sinking feeling when several failed at the end was obvious for all to see. We have been plagued with TB in this area. Our own farm has escaped, so far. But we did have a scare once. An in-calf cow was found to be inconclusive. So, it was isolated. It was due to be re-tested 60 days later. But, we had to ring up as we hadn't heard anything. By now she had calved. They came again on day 80 - the cow failed the test. She and the calf were taken away and slaughtered. Oh, and the final indignity - TB was not found at post-mortem.
This whole question of bovine TB needs serious research and review. Is slaughter really necessary. In the 21st century can we not come up with something that is less drastic and wasteful?

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