Saturday, 1 January 2011

There's shopping and shopping

Simple things can make you happy. Shopping in my local indoor market does it for me. This is why. The pace is leisurely and you can day-dream. Go early on a market day morning and you see little huddles of people. Some of them have been meeting here on a Wednesday for donkey's years. Talking about a long time - the lady who runs the cheese stall first stood behind the counter during the war, when she came with her mother. That's continuity. The butcher's stall is always good for a laugh. They know your name and it actually does feel like "your butcher," unlike the big fake "your" of the supermarket. I like the greengrocers too. The boss man is weathered and tough looking, and the staff work quickly and cheerfully. Leaving the market with your bags feels nice - it's real. To think that the town developers were all for pulling this market down and replacing it with a shopping centre about 30 years ago...thank God it didn't happen

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