Thursday, 6 January 2011

The thorny question of diversification

There was a piece on Woman's Hour the other day about rural women starting up businesses, to supplement the farm income, for one thing - it filled me with feelings of admiration and inadequacy in equal measure. We play with this question every now and then. Many visitors have looked at our old stone farm buildings with the light of enterprise in their eyes..."Why don't you...?" "You know you could turn them..." But we don't do it. I cannot honestly say whether this is because neither of us is really that much of an entrepreneur, or if it is more about trying to hang onto what we have, not wanting to the change the nature of the place. So, we struggle on, day-dreaming about what we'd do in the line of repair to the house roof or building some extra sheds - if our boat came in. Maybe, we think, the heifers that seem to be growing well will join the herd and this will boost things just enough. Maybe the milk price will improve - actually forget I said that one.....

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